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Apply for a business loan at Merchants and Farmers Bank.

  • Talk to the local decision makers
  • Hassle-free loan process
  • Flexible payment schedules, up to 15 years on real estate
  • Cash-back financing
  • Freedom from unwanted surprises and delays
  • Quick Turnaround

Commercial mortgages are available for acquisition, construction and refinancing purposes. Construction loans typically run for twelve months and can be converted to a term loan upon completion of the project. Term loans generally are for five years with a ten to fifteen year amortization.

Term Financing
Amortizing loans are available for various purposes, including acquisitions, equipment financing, and permanent working capital. New equipment financing is generally provided up to 80% of the purchase price of the asset. These loans typically have a three to five-year amortization.

Commercial Lines of Credit
Working capital lines of credit are available on a revolving basis and are annually renewable.

Commercial Real Estate Loans
Merchants and Farmers Bank can provide financing to purchase or refinance your commercial real estate or provide loans for acquisition or expansion of your business. Set up a meeting with one of our Commercial Loan Officers today to discuss how we can help with your business financial needs.

Commercial Real Estate Refinance Loans Application Process

  • Income Tax Returns for the past two years, including all schedules (for each individual, corporation, or partnership involved in borrowing) (If tax return is not yet completed for the most recent year ended, provide W2 or year-end pay stub of individuals and year-end financial statements for corporations or partnerships)
  • Copy of purchase contract for property to be acquired or settlement statement if property is already owned.
  • History of the property, including age
  • Rent roll indicating each rented unit by square footage, tenant, monthly lease income, and lease expiration date
  • List of vacant rentable units, including square footage.
  • Prior year and 12-month projections of Income and Expenses for the property
  • Management plan for the property or copy of contract with property management company.
  • Building plans
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation or Partnership Agreement of borrower, if applicable
  • Survey
  • To be ordered by lender
    Phase I Environmental Report

What to provide initially for Business loan requests

  • Business financial statements for the past two completed years
  • Business income tax returns for the past two years
  • Current business financial statements for the most recent interim period since the end of last year
  • A list of all the loans of the business with balances owed and monthly payments
  • Personal income tax returns for the past two years
  • Personal financial statement.
  • Some additional information may be required depending upon the purpose of the loan and the type of collateral available.

For more information, call your local Merchants and Farmers Bank office.



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